29hours and 34 minutes… That’s how long it took for me to get my first spam message at http://www.nightnoise.net Pretty amazing, should I go for the quick money by selling the domain? “I was doing some searches and I saw you just registered nightnoise.net. If you’re interested in making money with your new domain, check… Continue reading 29:34

spam poetry 3 – megawatt farce

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SLEEP is now necessary But in the meantime…. http://www.nightnoise.net – brand spanking new, fun with CSS, a pad of paper, a sharpie, and a digital camera…. still in the beginning part of the beginning stages of the beginning of the site (you get the point.) ramblewords is now a member of the nightnoise network and… Continue reading sleep

spam poetry 2 – “forwarding luggage”

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spam poetry – ternary fangled

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