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GoodBye Superman

Christopher Reeve is Dead at 52

Darko Bush and the Resolving Fear Love Triangle

Donnie Darko. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this movie, then close this web page, hop in your car, drive down to the nearest Ebert owned movie rental facility and get it. Bring it back, watch it, and then read this post. Not that this post really has that much to do with […]

The Official Unofficial Second Presidential Debate Scorecard – Part I

“need some wood?” That may have been the first time that statement was ever entered by a politician during and/or not during a campaign… Especially during a national debate. Then you had the moment where Bush rudely cut-off Charlie our friendly moderator… Of course, Bush also had to forget the name of his opponent: “First, […]

For the Search Impaired

Just a quick little lesson for those who haven’t discovered this yet… When you search for something in Google or Yahoo, it may come up with a result that used to be on the main page of a website (i.e. blog) a month or two ago. If you click on the direct link, you will […]

Get Your War On

Yeah, check out the hilarious “fighting technique” comics at this site. Also, don’t forget your “Get Your War On” t-shirts here. That picture above still has me cracking up……