you won’t be afraid of fear

Is it wrong to listen to Nirvana’s best of album 20 times in 3 days? Just because you want to? I have all the songs in my head at once now, there’s some super-nirvana going on up there….. nevermind.

rock and roll muse-ack

So I got this album a few months ago, and didn’t take it out of my cd player for the first week. I constantly played it over and over again because it was so refreshing. I put it away for a couple months and pulled it back out last week. Once again, it’s been in… Continue reading rock and roll muse-ack

Shop smart, shop S-mart!

After watching Bubba Ho-Tep, I am now ready for the just slightly almost announced Freddy vs. Jason vs…… ASH!!!!! CNN Article Here…. Yes, that is cool. Yes, that is also stupid. But yes, that is cool. Take Freddy vs. Jason. Who actually liked that movie? I didn’t, and I haven’t even bothered to watch it… Continue reading Shop smart, shop S-mart!