Shop smart, shop S-mart!

After watching Bubba Ho-Tep, I am now ready for the just slightly almost announced Freddy vs. Jason vs…… ASH!!!!! CNN Article Here…. Yes, that is cool. Yes, that is also stupid. But yes, that is cool. Take Freddy vs. Jason. Who actually liked that movie? I didn’t, and I haven’t even bothered to watch it… Continue reading Shop smart, shop S-mart!

awesome awesome awesome

so I’ve been playing pool regularly since about January or February and have been playing with house cues the whole time. I’m finally taking the step and dishing out some dollars to have a nice one of my own… it’s not the most amazing thing in the world, but it is a Joss, so it… Continue reading awesome awesome awesome


Hmmmm, audioblogger kicks major ass. Don’t pay much attention to the audio below, it was mostly just a test to see how cool it was. Very freakin cool. AudioBlogger link dead Now it’s just time to find some reasonable use for it…. wait, screw reasonable, it’s fun.

Enjoy every sandwich.

Ok, so hopefully you all are familiar with Warren Zevon, if not, then just remember that he’s the guy who wrote “Werewolves of London” among many other great songs… Short version of the long story, great songwriter diagnosed with lung cancer, decided not to do anything about it and then wrote an album about his… Continue reading Enjoy every sandwich.