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For things with titles.

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Register a block for a post type

I have a post type that requires a custom block. The post type supports all other blocks, but the block supports only this post type.

The four freedoms sandbox

Note: I am not a lawyer or a creator of a WordPress-extending product that I sell for money. I'm just a nerd with opinions. Sometimes I write them down.


A selfie of Jeremy next to a blue sign with white letters and a white border that says "Skea". In the background is a (I think) tilled field and a road that leads back toward a tree line.

Book notes

Finished The Long Fall, The Quiet American, and The Last White Man—3 novels that start with "The", started Catch 22—for the third or fourth time, and added 6 to-reads.

A weekly note

Tune in for today's viewing of the dog days of summer.

Jeremy's profile photo: a selfie taken while walking through Berlin.

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