Jeremy Felt

46.8970211, -117.1846011

This is one of the best spots on the Palouse.

Whether you’re driving east or west on Clear Creek Road, you come over this crest at 55mph and miles of awe-striking rolling hills unfold in an instant, as far as you can see.

To the west, the hills disappear into the Saint Joe Mountains, part of the Bitterroot range of the Rockies. To the east, the hills go on forever.

The view is different every time.

This moment ends in a flash because you’re speeding over a blind hill with a tight corner and can’t spend the time you need to take it all in. Within seconds, you’re back on the flat road weaving among the hills—still great, but now almost lacking.

I’ve stopped and tried to take pictures on each side of the hill, but none of them ever do it justice. Text it is!

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