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Still not last week, but closer. Maybe this week it will be this week. This week is last week until next week which is this week.

I’ve given up on Spotify this week and started listening to BBC Radio 6 via the Sonos app instead. I couldn’t be bothered to pick an album or an algorithm, so I’ve let DJs do it for me.

It’s been great so far. The music is almost always good, whatever the genre, and there are hardly any non-music interruptions. And no ads!?

I may have to change some part of my strategy by mid-2023 when the BBC streams stop working. Hopefully Sonos makes it available through BBC Sounds?

Yet another part of the “how do I play one browser tab to my Sonos without a ridiculous node script or should I just give up and get different speakers and do something different and what’s that actually look like” puzzle.

It’s very hard to find a clear answer to that.

For now: a very big thank you to the BBC TV licence holders supporting my entertainment.

A draft post from the end of 2020 meant to track books I thought I would read in 2021:

  • One book a month published in 2021.
  • One book from every popular genre.
  • Catch 22
  • Ducks, Newburyport

0 for 4, though I did read Finnegans Wake instead, so I’ll accept it.

Draft deleted.

Another draft from the end of 2020 shortly after I listened to Pisces Iscariot for the first time in years (and concluded that it holds up as a guitar rock album):

Frail & Bedazzled remains an excellent rock song.

  • Excellent use of phase
  • Excellent use of phase over a fun solo
  • “The two of us, that’s dangerous”
  • A cappella with the ba dum ba dum back in

Draft deleted.

(It’s a great song, turn it up and close your eyes. And probably go back and get a bunch of memories from high school and et cetera.)

And a draft from January 2021 titled “It is all so fleeting” with the text “It is all so ephemeral” and a link to a tweet (and Twitter account) that has since been deleted.

Told you so!

Draft deleted.

I thought I would keep using NetNewsWire on my laptop after setting up a personal instance of FreshRSS because of the sync support, but I enjoy having the personal reader URL, so I haven’t really remembered to open it in weeks.

What I’d really like now is to write a FreshRSS plugin that allows me to publish likes and replies to items I read there on this site.

And at the same time I’m looking over at Jan Boddez’s feed reader plugin with a strong temptation to want everything in the same interface…

Beau is Afraid is an intense trailer.

Iggy Pop’s Every Loser was a great listen and I had it on my list to buy next Bandcamp Friday, but now it’s been removed. I should have bought and downloaded it when I had the chance. 😕

The thing is, we were already talking about replacing our gas stove before it became a political issue. It just makes sense?

There are going to be cheaper and cheaper ways to generate and store electricity while natural gas’s burn rate is just going to go up.


Michelle after I claimed A was unamused while watching me dance:

“Don’t sell yourself short, Jeremy…”

“…cuz you’re not short, you’re tall.”


We cruised through The Silent Sea on Netflix and it was so well done. The concept alone had me thinking and thinking all the way through and they were great at the cliffhangers between episodes.

And we’ve finally started Slow Horses season 2. It’s just as good as where season 1 left off. I was quickly reminded how well my vision from the first book was portrayed on screen and now I might try to read the second book while we watch the second season because I think I like reading without knowing the ending more than I like watching. We’ll see.

Enjoy the week!

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