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A weekly note

The end of another season, here we are.

This is my 32nd weekly note this year, double 2021’s number. I wrote 30 in 2020 after starting with one right at the end of 2019.

Not weekly yet, but getting there! Maybe 2023 will be the year.

A attended his first basketball ball game on Friday evening. It was great.

The WSU women’s team played Utah at 4pm, the perfect pre-dinner and wind down time slot. It was a close game and WSU came back from way behind in the first half only to stop just short.

It was a totally new experience—very loud and large and visually noisy, but A loved the entire thing. He got a kick out of the way the seat bounced when he did. Every time I asked him where the ball was, he would look for a second and then point right to it.

We even got him to start saying “cougs” a bit, though he often just smiled.

Digital tickets make saving “firsts” strange. Rather than a ticket stub, I took a screenshot.

The process of buying a ticket also exposed the digital booby traps I had set for myself.

I opened the link to the mobile Google wallet ticket, which loaded in my default browser, DuckDuckGo. I was then asked to sign in to Google, so opened my password manager and copied that. Google then wanted to verify my security key, but DDG doesn’t support security keys on this phone, so I had to change my default browser back to Chrome, go back to the email, and click again on the mobile ticket app. At that point, because I’m signed into my phone, the digital wallet just works.

Anyhow. Less of that in 2023. 🪤

I will say I’ve been thinking about switching back to Chrome as my default browser. I still use it frequently, so the only thing I’ve really accomplished is 99+ tabs open in two browsers.

We got A a Radio Flyer quad-scooter thing and he loves it. The first couple days required us helping to maneuver around the house. Now, after only a handful of sessions, he’ll point to it, we’ll help him on, and off he goes.

I’m amazed at how quickly he figured out steering after the number of times he ran straight into the tree when he first started.

Bonus: he spends more time at eye level with many more things, which means he spends more time trying to grab many more things. 🙃

TIL Pope John Paul I was only Pope for 33 days. Two popes died in 1978, wild!

Imagine the frenzy if the internet.

There’s more, but it’s a Saturday and kind of a holiday and I have a couple other posts in-progress and here we are.

It’s the end of the year as we know it and I feel fine.

Cheers to 2022, see you next week! 🥃

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