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A weekly note

I used the seasonally appropriate ’tis contraction in a note the other day and because I haven’t fascinated myself with (text-based) contractions in a couple years, I wondered: how many contractions start with an apostrophe?

I started with the list of double contractions again and the answer is enough that ‘twou’dn’t be worth counting.

We cruised through Katla this week and liked it very much. I don’t think there can be a second season, which is kind of refreshing.

We watched the first episode of Inside Man, which has a couple minor pieces of potential that are so disjointed that it becomes annoying very quickly. Bummer.

And so we watched the first episode of Reacher, which is hilariously exactly what it should be. It’s based on the first book of the series, Killing Floor, which—short version—I’ve read, listened to the audio book twice (we were unaware), and already watched via the Tom Cruise version.

How many times can the story be consumed!

A absolutely loves One green frog, a book my grandparents gave to me in 1982. It’s great how something can hold up so much. The rhymes flow nicely, there are tactile holes that change on each page, and only one minor “odd man out” moment at the end that would probably be rewritten in 2022.

The NY Times background piece on the trouble the Netherlands has finding good keepers and how their current, Andries Noppert, seems to have the job just because he kept at it, was an interesting read.

It became even more interesting during today’s penalty shootout against Argentina. It has to be a blast sticking to your sport, finding yourself in the World Cup, and then attempting to defend what could be Messi‘s final goal in an international match.

It’d probably be more of a blast if you stopped it. 🙈

Messi is the latest example of an athlete who is starting to be considered old and then I look and I have 8 years on him.

At least Tom Brady is still older.

We’re starting to wrangle things properly at Happy Prime for the end of the year. A few projects are coming together at once and the level of busy is finally feeling close to a 4. We’ll get to 2 by December 21, when we take off for the rest of the year.

This week was a big week and we finally shipped our first brewery site: MobCraft.

Now to get to Wisconsin or Denver so that we can try some. 🍻

I’m about 2/3 through American Prometheus and the part where we (the US) dropped the bomb has broken my brain in some way, especially because there was so much left out when we learned about World War II in school. (e.g. Japan was in the process of surrender already, minor detail)

I now spend time juggling absolutely unformed thoughts around how untrustworthy humans are when it comes to making ethical decisions at the most critical times and how this may apply to AI or quantum computing and oh my, I should end this note and go make some pizza.

Cheers. 🍻

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