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We have a couple serving platters decorated with Dala horses that A has free access to via one of the cabinets designated as “safe” in the kitchen.

In his new aptitude for animal noises, he’s recently become very happy neighing anytime he sees a horse. He’ll now grab the platters out of the cabinet and start loudly neighing on the kitchen floor.

He also neighs when he sees my Dala horse coffee mug and neighs when he sees the other figurines in the house.

He even neighed at a polar bear on a can of seltzer, even after I told him it wasn’t a horse.


The current list of animal noises includes: horse, sheep, cow, cat, and dinosaur (extinct).

He had dog down for a while, but seems to have traded it for the sheep. Maybe he’s having a more complex conversation than we realize with the border collie across the street?


On Monday night A started singing along to Pictures of You while we were dancing in the kitchen. It was great.


We played Lankum’s The Livelong Day after dinner on Thanksgiving and A was jamming along to their wonderfully dark, droning take on The Wild Rover.

I just love that album more and more with each listen. This time around we listened to The Dubliner’s version immediately before and the contrast is just fantastic.


It’s nice he likes the music we pick. He had no time for my (amazing) mashed potatoes this year. ๐Ÿ˜‚


We’ve started watching 1899 this week, it’s great so far. I’m not sure yet if having watched Dark already takes away from or adds to the craziness. We’ll see!


We sold the dining room table we’ve had for almost 10 years today. It’s been sitting in the garage since we got our new table back in July or so. Between that and the lumber for this summer’s deck project, we haven’t had room to park the car inside for somewhere around 5 months.

Winter is comingโ€”or winter is here, depending on which week you askโ€”so we were happy to get the garage sorted before any big snow hit.

Anyhow. After two kind young folks from across the border in Idaho picked up their table and chairs, I was able to get some larger items stowed in the attic area, straighten up the rest, and sweep things out.

Then before putting the car in the garage, I vaccumed up piles of pine needles from around the windshield wipers and in the various crevasses where pine needles find their way.

I backed the car in, wrapped up the cord to the wet/dry vac, picked it up to head inside and felt a drop hit my arm. Three hours later and it’s still raining, with snow forecasted for the middle of the night.

Literally perfect timing.


Happy weekend! ๐Ÿฅƒ

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