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A weekly note

I’m so very tired of staring at this screen; this note will be quick.

Our first freezing fog of the year arrived early on Wednesday morning. I later saw ten juncos on the deck at once!

“To Messrs. N. & W.W. Billings Merchants of New London, this Print is respectfully inscribed by Cornelius B. Hulsart who lost an arm on board their Ship superior while engaged in Whale Fishery in the Pacific Ocean.” – Cornelius B. Hulsart

I grabbed this great illustration of a sperm whale being captured via a NY Times article that sources it only as “Alamy”, a stock photography agency.

The image itself is of an 1835 aquatint made by John William Hill, “Capturing a Sperm whale“, from a painting of the same title by William Page which was based on a sketch by Cornelius B. Hulsart, “a whaleman who lost an arm while on the whaleship ‘Superior'”.

Which is to say, I don’t think sourcing it as “Alamy” tells the full story and I think its public domain enough to publish here.

Where was I, yes—what a great illustration.

It’s now the header on my Twitter profile.

Also, TIL “aquatint”.

The old Bombadier Q-400 turboprops have officially been retired from the Pullman Airport and replaced with Embraer E175 jetliners.

This will be nice when we start flying again, though I’ve always appreciated how the turboprops actually feel like planes.

The new jets do have a very different sound to them when they fly over the house.

I put on Steve Earle’s Transendental Blues the other night and A started dancing immediately.

The kid has good taste.

The 5:30am mornings are still working well. I’m looking forward to catching a few early morning World Cup games this year.

A very big thank you to Yazz Ahmed for helping me find my focus during some late evening work sessions this week. I may try to bring jazz into the daylight hours this week.

Right, enjoy the weekend!

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