Jeremy Felt

My Wordle guess distribution

Because I am who I am, I have to figure out my Wordle guess distribution again.

First, I don’t like how I calculated it the last time by ignoring losses. I’m going to start weighing those as if they were solved in 7 guesses.

I played the first 74 games on a previous phone and they are not included in my current Wordle stats. The distribution for those is 0, 5, 17, 29, 16, 6, and 1 loss for an average of 4.054.

I have stats for the next 78 games, played on a new phone, from a previous note. The distribution for those is 0, 3, 23, 32, 17, 2, and 1 loss for an average of 3.936.

I thought I was going to do this every time I lost, but I didn’t, so the next 190 games has a distribution of 0, 11, 42, 86, 33, 14, and 4 losses for an average of 4.047.

And the total 342 games I’ve played so far—minus those missing from a mobile app browser session for a week or so—has a distribution of 0, 19, 82, 147, 66, 22, and 6 losses for an average of 4.023.

So I’m not getting better, but I’m not necessarily getting worse. I am still hooked.

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