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A weekly note

Nothing is quite like trying to clean anything covered with cottage cheese.

My sister visited for several days and we had a wonderful time. A was very excited to meet his aunt for the first time. Gosh that felt good.

I embraced the offline time and this is now at least a day late.

A has leapt again. Where to start.

The army crawling is strong and is now transferring to other skills. He decided he wanted a closer look at a button on the back of the chair we were sitting in and used his arms to practically launch himself over my shoulder. If we were to leave him unattended on a bed, he would promptly launch himself off the bed. We won’t do that!

His awareness of the house is growing and he’ll move between different rooms. Michelle attached a nice large gate to the walls that completely blocks the spiral staircase in our main room. He has of course started to investigate the bars and watches closely when we open the door.


He’s figured out his technique to get out of the sitting position. There were a few days where he was mobile on his belly, but we could always sit him up if we both needed to be out of the room for a minute. Now he can be mobile whenever he wants.

Along with all of this he seems to have realized that it is actually to his advantage to bear weight on his legs. It doesn’t seem long before we’ll be dealing with a stander.

The rules of the game change frequently.

I bet Westworld would be a good test of our “bail on a TV show but then watch the last episode” game.

I knew about peas and carrots. I now also know walla.

Too, the apple must has had a pleasant effect on his stomach and various respective mucous membranes and will probably soon be converted in his intestines to wine. The power that life has to transform things is without measure, he said. He knows what he is talking about.

From Alfred Döblin’s short story Astralia in Bright Magic

I read the first few words of this over and over again and was surprised the translator or editor had missed “the apple must has had”.

But “apple must” kept reappearing in the story and now I know that must is part of the wine-making process.

Fixed my likes so that the title of the liked page is displayed. Next I’d like to process those URLs (with code) for an h-card and add author information when available.

Officially retired my custom IndieWeb plugin in favor of keeping everything a part of the site’s code base. That’s going to make it easier on me to keep the whole thing up to date.

Officially retired my custom WP plugin in favor of… etc…

Tweaked the layout a bit more for notes so that images felt nicer. I still need to figure out the right way to handle multiple images and probably a nicer way to handle vertical images.

I’ve been in absolute awe all week of the Cosmic Cliffs. I keep going back to the NASA site to look at photos I’ve already seen because it’s just so amazing.

It’s just impossible to grasp the immensity. My only comparison is how the Grand Canyon can only look so big in pictures. When you’re standing on the edge you can feel the space and start to grasp it.

I can only imagine our heads all exploding if we were anywhere near the Cosmic Cliffs and felt its sense of presence.

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