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One thing about having a vacuum with a laser on the front is that you see how much more you should be vacuuming.

A holiday means it’s still the week’s end, right? Here we are.

I pushed a new iteration of my theme live on Sunday. I was tired of being happier with my local setup than the real one and figured I could build in public. It’s still rough around the edges, but the home page is now showing a better snapshot.

One thing that was holding me back was deployments to a newer server. That’s sorted now, so incremental changes will be much easier.

I just closed about a thousand and two open tabs related to replacement exhaust fan parts, which means I found the motor assembly I was looking for and ordered it.

Well done.

This is for the main floor bathroom, which has a very loud fan and is very dusty and did not get quieter when I vacuumed it out. The basement bathroom actually got quite a bit quieter and we therefore don’t need to replace it.

I think both fans are 20 or 30 years old. I’m not sure either has been fully removed for cleaning.

We watched Boondock Saints this weekend. It probably would have been better left as a memory of a fun movie. Much of it doesn’t hold up.

Willem Dafoe is fantastic. The “there was a fire fight!” scene would have felt overacted by anyone else, but he just nails it. It’s fun to see Norman Reedus as a child. And it’s probably fine to not watch it again.

Michelle’s note for this week is that it sucks to be the band that follows The War on Drugs on a playlist.

This was noted during Jonathan Wilson’s Detroit or Buffalo, which followed I Don’t Live Here Anymore on an algorithmically generated Eclectic Americana Wednesday Evening playlist.

We watched about half of The Shrink Next Door this week. We made it through the first 3.5 episodes and then decided to skip to the last episode because it wasn’t really working for us. I don’t remember what show we did this with before, but it’s a fun way to bail on a show while still having some closure.

The skipping worked well. The last episode was nice enough and we didn’t feel out of the loop. All the meh aside, Paul Rudd was really good.

A’s first farmers market on Saturday. Our first of the season.

We were disappointed to not see Tonnemaker there, but we picked up some Brush Creek cheese, some cherries, and breakfast burritos.

Ch-ch-ch cheese, cherries, and chorizo.

A’s swim lessons are finished for the summer, so the three of us went to the open swim period on Friday night. It was my first time in the pool with him and I had a blast. Lots of motorboat kicking. He’s not a fan of dunking his head yet, but he got a big kick out of watching me do it.

And it only took 48 hours for my eyes to stop burning from the chlorine. 😂

July has kicked off with a bit of a whimper. Upper 60s for the last couple days, though sun is popping out now. Maybe there will be fireworks after all.

We did have quite a bit of thunder on Saturday night, much more than we ever get on the Palouse. And the power went out for a couple minutes at around 1am. I know this because when the power comes back on every Philips Hue bulb in the house also comes back on at 100% instead of 0%.

It’s a strange feeling opening your eyes at 1am and having all the lights on. And then realizing the light in your child’s room is also on. And then realizing that the wifi is still not back online yet and you have to get out of bed to go turn his light off manually and try to do it quickly and quietly before he wakes up too and yeesh.

One reason to not have smart lights. Luckily the power doesn’t go out regularly here.

Oh! We had our first radler deck sit of the summer on Saturday afternoon.

Nice and warm and refreshing. A+, will do again.

I’m sure something else has happened. Oh well, next week. 🍻

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