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A weekly note

I’m publishing this on Monday because Sunday ran out of hours. They were very good hours, and late is okay.

One week from the longest day of the year and we had to turn the boiler back on because it was raining, windy, and a high of 48.

We had to do the same this weekend. Again, chilly and rainy. I’ll accept it because last June ended at over 100 and summer was pretty brutal overall.

This is much nicer.

But! Summer arrives this week and the forecast says this will be the week I can stop talking about the boiler for a few months.

We’re welcome.

In early parenthood you learn about this series of leaps babies go through where it’s like they’re a completely different kid from one day to the next at various intervals. It’s been appified so that you can have a little calendar of what to expect on your phone. It’s not all exact, but it is fun to anticipate and to pretend you see the change or don’t or whatever.

Anyhow. A woke up Thursday morning at 4:45am and had this absolutely wild look of happiness about him that just communicated something. I have no idea what.

We journeyed to Target!

It was A’s first sit in a grocery cart and he did great. Lots of stares at colors and lights and things and people. New box stores pop!

At one point Johnny Cash’s version of I’ve Been Everywhere played and A started dancing in the cart. He’s got good taste!

Right around the corner was a Johnny Cash t-shirt, size 12M, so of course we accepted it as a sign and bought the shirt for him.

Beyond that we filled out A’s summer wardrobe. Seeing all the clothes in person is so much nicer than online.

First Father’s Day was a good day. 🤗

A slept to a normal time (6:30) and he and Michelle gave me a most excellent book (written by him, it’s amazing), a spoon etched with “Dad’s Ice Cream Spoon”, and a very appropriate “Best Dad in the Wordl” card. 😂

We had a check-in call with one of our newer clients this week and she asked us about the possibility of generating content with R and publishing it to WordPress. Steve and I laughed a bit.

Of all the things we’ve worked on, I don’t think I expected our R package and its companion plugin for WordPress to come in handy so soon.

We watched the new Candyman, it was very well done. So much to pay attention to with all of the reflections!

And we watched Wrath of Man, a fun return to what one would expect from a Statham-Ritchie flick. (Also with a great Johnny Cash scene)

I wrote one sentence earlier in the week about how hard it is to unregister core block types. It expanded to its own blog post, so I took it out. Now to finish the blog post!

I have another brewing around what we’re learning from trying to embrace full site editing as an agency. Soon!

I’m strangely excited for the work week tomorrow. We achieved some sense of clarity on a few things Friday and it’s always refreshing to feel like you’re walking down a clear path for a bit.

Summer tomorrow! ☀️

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