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Book notes


These are the books I am actively reading. This week I’ve actually managed to read a bit on paper and a bit at the table rather than only in bed.

Less actively reading

I’m always “reading” a dozen books, some of which I haven’t actually touched in months. These I’ve at least opened at some point in the last month.

Recently finished

These are the books I finished this week.

Patricia Lockwood’s No One is Talking About This is made of very nice bite-size sections that made it very readable. They went along well with the extremely online first half of the book—the portal is obviously Twitter, we are in the author’s Twitter brain. The second half of the book made a quick transition from extremely online to extremely sad and just, ooph.

I had this on my to-read list well before it was released as I’ve enjoyed a few of Lockwood’s pieces for London Review of Books. I’ll probably do the same with the next book as well.

On deck

The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, is next up for book club. I have a copy of this from the library on my Kindle now.

I’m giving a new approach some thought. It’s easy to keep adding new stuff that looks fun to read, but I also have a pile of unread books that were the new stuff that looked fun to read. That pile is a bit absurd, so I’ll try to line up a few of those next.

Added to the long list

These are books I’ve run into over the last week and added to some sort of “to one day read” list that is ever growing and will never shrink.

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