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Book notes

Book notes is my (fresh! new!) weekly effort to track what I’m reading without the assistance of Goodreads. This is the first week.


These are the books I am actively reading. This week all reading has been 15-30 minutes right before sleeping on my Kindle.

Less actively reading

I’m always “reading” a dozen books, some of which I haven’t actually touched in months. These I’ve at least opened at some point in the last month.

Recently finished

I haven’t finished any books in the last week, so instead I’m listing the last two books I did finish.

On deck

I want to reread Ender’s Game for the first time in many years. Elon’s insistence that Twitter “authenticate all real humans” sparked the memory of how the internet equivalent in that world required some sort of access card. I have a copy from the library on my Kindle now, ready to go.

The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, is next up for book club. I also have a copy of this from the library now.

Added to the long list

These are books I’ve run into over the last week and added to some sort of “to one day read” list that is ever grown and will never shrink.

  • My Phantoms, Gwendoline Riley
  • Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier
  • The Gathering, Anne Enright
  • Small Things Like These, Claire Keegan
  • The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
  • I’m a Fan, Sheena Patel
  • Tomb of Sand, Geetanjali Shree (2022 International Booker Prize)
  • Paradise Lost, John Milton
  • Clock of the Long Now, Stewart Brand
  • How Buildings Learn, Stewart Brand
  • Pattern Recognition, William Gibson

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