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A weekly note

Our current microseason in Pullman is local college radio plays the same album on loop for (at least) a week straight.

WSU’s KZUU 90.7 has gone with Norway’s “power pop champions”, The Needs, and a few songs from their 2019 album You Need the Needs.

I’ve been in the car 4 times over the last week and have heard the same songs each time. My first impression was that it sounded like The Oneders, but pop punk. My most recent impression is that oh no I’m waking up with their songs in my head and it’s strange.

I don’t know when this started, but I refuse to change the dial in the car until it stops.

Streaming proof, if you’d like.

Speaking of That Thing You Do—one of the best music movies ever made…

We watched Something Wild this weekend as a tribute to Ray Liotta. It was directed by Johnathan Demme, who also directed That Thing You Do (and Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia). I’m pretty sure it was the first time I’ve seen the movie. It was fun and wild and had a few good reveals along the way.

Strange observation: Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels, and Ray Liotta all appear to have blue eyes.

The week was a bit warmer, or at least warm enough to enjoy the most time outside yet this year. Book club was (almost completely) in person for the first time since August. It was nice to sit down at the tap room with a beer and friends.

We’ve finally seen a single lupine in bloom and the whole trail full appear to be hanging out in the stage right before.

In 2021, they were in full bloom by May 22. May 19 in 2020. We hadn’t yet made that trail a regular habit before then.

Scene: Michelle opens a new box-with-shaped-blocks toy for A, frustratedly tearing at a finely machine-crafted mess of cardboard and plastic.

Looks down to see that it helps develop fine motor skills and problem solving skills. We laugh loudly.

I don’t know what the right connection is yet, but my head has started building a playlist with these three songs:

  • Goodbye Mr. Blue, Father John Misty
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down, Johnny Cash
  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John

If nothing else, it’s fun to listen to those three songs.

There you go. I did not realize “John” was a part of each artist’s name until writing them all down in this list and then re-reading it while proofing the post.

This is now the fourth week I’m punting a little write-up of two songs and a handful of musicians. I’ve at least started forming what I want to write, so there’s that. We’re getting closer.

I’ve started a weekly book notes.

Happy weekend.

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