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A weekly note

This week went quick. Phew.

I closed it out by clearing a bunch of hanging-over-my-head tasks. Friday afternoon felt good and I have a nice handle on how I’d like Monday to go.

We’ll see what happens.

We launched the new SAFMC site on Thursday. It’s our second fishery management council—the first was PFMC—and it has loads of great photos and information on fish in the South Atlantic.

The best part about these sites—beyond the great people we’ve worked with at each—is how much content is aggregated through various views. It’s really solidified how we think of content as a team and how it can be organized.

I’m looking forward to bringing some of those tools over to this site to enhance its use as a commonplace book for me.

We took a nice drive out to Paradise Ridge today. There’s a 62-acre preserve that we kind of assumed was easy to access. My parents went a couple years ago and there was some sort of footpath off of the road. Today that access area was clearly marked with no trespassing signs and printed notes that further clarified the point.

Looking at the preserve information, it seems a bit more obvious now that it’s in a fragile state and meant to be protected. Good to know!

So, we instead drove up to Virgil Phillips Farm County Park and walked the native plant loop and part of the heritage trail. A looked fit in his sun hat and wrap-around sunglasses, the breeze was wonderful, and the clouds were fluffy. Nice day!

The maples in our side-yard seem to have come out of nowhere. They were budding, it was snowing, and now the leaves are green.

I completed my first Saturday puzzle since January 22. That feels good. One of these weeks I’ll get to them all. I started the Sunday puzzle this morning, but it was daunting and the day was properly full. I did do the mini in 20 seconds though. 😎

A seems to be teething hard. We’ve said that over and over again for the last couple months, but now the little white nub is definitely coming through and definitely getting bigger. Michelle says he has “teeth”. I say I see the top of a “tooth”. How are these things defined!?

I think Michelle is probably more right than me. So yeah, he’s toothed!

He’s so chill that it feels strange when he gets fussy and chewy. Even those moments seem to pass quickly, but they’re glimpses at “ohhh, so that’s what it could be (may one day be) like.”

I’ve jinxed it.

I said something along the lines of “Post Malone is this generation’s Andrew WK” when watching his SNL performance from last week. I then found this article that called him the “Andrew WK of rap”. I don’t know if I agree with that, but at least some one else made the comparison.

It’s more of an observation than a dig. He’s one of those artists that fascinates me because I can’t really figure him out. I like a few songs, but not all of them. And I’ll take the opportunity to watch a live performance any time just so I can keep trying. Dunno!

Annabelle Pancake, by Casper Babypants, is a very good kids song. It could almost graduate to a full on PUSA song.

I did not make Gâteau Basque this weekend. Next weekend is longer, we’ll shoot for that.

We’re 3ish episodes into WeCrashed. It’s generally been fun, though it does seem stretched to fit the story across multiple episodes rather than just making it a movie. 8 episodes, really?

Lots of filler.

Ha ha ha. The half-formed note about two songs and at least 5 artists that I have here is going to wait yet another week. Maybe I should just make it a blog post.

May’s almost over. It’s finally Spring on the Palouse! 🍻

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