Jeremy Felt

A weekly note

Spring disappeared. There’s been snow on the ground all week. I shoveled on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday it literally snowed all day.

And it’s officially late April. Bah.

After Dark is such a good beer. Schwarzbier is a style I was confused by for so long, but really wanted to like it. After Dark is the one that got me there. It may be my favorite from Paradise Creek now.

One of my tech todos for 2022 is to write a Micropub client focused on how I like to write so that I can publish to WordPress and anywhere else without having to worry about a distracting UI. I’ve lost track of that todo for the first few months and remembered it this week. So hopefully I’ll make some progress now that it’s top of mind again.

I did make progress on moving a bunch of sites from an old server to a newer server. Only remains.

There’s a weird pattern I go through every few years where I start up a new personal server and move one or two things to it and then let the rest sit for a couple more years while I pay for both servers.

Now that I’ve moved everything, it’s time to start up that new server. 🙃

Someone left a very nice review for Shortnotes. Thank you!

The first season of Physical was really good. The first episode of Slow Horses was also really good.

Right. Let’s have a warmer week, shall we.

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