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I’ve been trying for a while to work my way back to a perfect moka pot recipe. My tried and true version has stopped doing the trickβ€”maybe because I’m using different beans; more likely because we fixed the grinder and the grind has changed in some way. If my guess is right, then it’s been about two years of infrequent moka pot grumblings.

A couple weeks ago I accidentally bought pre-ground Stumptown coffee at Safeway and had a bit left over. This week I tossed it in the moka pot to see what happened.

Lo and behold, a perfect brew. What even. Now to match that grind with other beans.


My face lights up when I see a new album notification from Steve Earle.


Kevin Marks’s Twitter Edits You is a good read. Embedding 3rd party content into your site is giving control over that piece of your site to a 3rd party. (And likely tracking your visitors.)

Way back in the 00’s, maybe it still happens now, it was fairly common for people to hotlink others’ images. Web hosts had more restrictions around bandwidth, so it was annoying when a bunch of traffic was to this one image loading on someone else’s site. The fun and easy fix was to alter the image in some way and turn it into a message complaining about the hotlinking.

20 years later and it’s all the same just different. πŸ™‚


Chuck linked to Books Read By, a series of interviews with people who recommend their favorite books and mention what they are currently reading. I’m a sucker for these.

See also The Guardian’s The books of my life series, which used to be Books that made me. And By the Book in the NY Times.


Spring has been teasing us for a few weeks now. We’ll have some days in the 50s and 60s and then a little cold snap that wants to pretend it’s Winter again.

But don’t tell the hops, they’re starting to grow!


I listened to all of the (“secular”) Grammy winning albums from 2021 this week. There’s a lot of good music in that list.

The one that struck me the most was They’re Calling Me Home (With Francesco Turrisi) by Rhiannon Giddens. It’s such a beautiful album and the one I listened to multiple times this week.

I think I was somewhat surprised at how easy it was to make it through all of these. The only one I started getting antsy during was the soundtrack for Soul, but even that evened out a bit by the end.


That’s that. 🌱

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