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Speaking of very long breaks: ⸻.

Today I learned (thanks Rich) that while an em dash (—) is used as a break to provide emphasis or toss in an aside, a two em dash (⸺) is used to mark missing letters in a word and a three em dash (⸻) is used to mark missing words.

So now I have something else to have fun with.

Raskolnikov walked straight to X—— Bridge, stood in the middle, and leaning both elbows on the rail stared into the distance.

I finished Crime and Punishment a couple weeks ago and one of the things that stood out was the number of blanked out place and person names. At the time I thought this was something strange in the translation, but now I imagine it was completely intentional.

“I can’t remember where I met him before my illness…. I believe I have met him somewhere——… And this is a good man, too,”

And it’s not just names. Here’s a double em dash leading into an ellipsis that helps to stress the anxiety oozing out of Raskolnikov through most of the novel.

Previously, in gushing about punctuation: A few things about Moby-Dick.

Right, what else.

Spring is in full swing. Since the last note we’ve moved from winter jacket to light jacket to several walks in t-shirts.

A is now a proper little stroller sitter and the whole production of taking a walk is much easier now that we’ve ditched the infant carrier. It’s great to watch his eyes taking in the world every time we’re out.

The snow drops have mostly finished. The crocuses (ok, croci) are popping in the front bed. The daffodils strewn about Dry Fork are very much bloomed.

Of course it still wants to be cold from time to time, but we’re getting there.

I really dig the Spoon album that came out in February. They’ve always been at the edge of my listening sphere and I’ve assumed I should like them but somehow never really find the time. But this one I’ve played a bunch over the last two months.

And I’ve recently had a good time with Coach Party, Chubby and the Gang, illuminati hotties, Wet Leg, 50 Foot Wave, and Spector.

I liked these two quotes from this interview with David Mitchell.

On Ursula K Le Guin‘s The Left Hand of Darkness:

The book is a chance to catch up with my past and future selves and see how we’re getting on.

And on books in general:

Literature is an all-you-can-eat buffet with no expiry date.

We’ve been having a very good time watching The Bridge. We’re a couple episodes into Season 4, which means we’ll be looking for the next moody Nordic police drama that we somehow haven’t seen yet.

Michelle’s note for a couple of months ago is that we finished the 50 pounds of rice we bought at the beginning of COVID.

That’s it. Happy Friday! 🍻

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