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A weekly note

It’s February, so of course it snowed again and of course it got down into the teens again. But Spring is just around the corner, right?

A rolled over from back to front for the first time on Tuesday and then proceeded to roll over 3 more times.

It was a very proud moment with lots of clapping and laughter.

The best (in a way) is that both Michelle and I had looked away when he rolled the first time. There was this very quiet thud and here’s this kid happy as can be on his belly.

Of course now we’re in trouble and he’s basically about to start running around the house.

Wordle was picked up by The New York Times this week for a casual low 7 figures sum. The internet reacted.

At first I was happy. Mostly for the creator as they’re able to walk away with a million dollars for a quick job well done. I also pay for a NY Times Games subscription, play the crossword daily and Spelling Bee in spurts, and generally enjoy the vibe of the people who work in the games department.

But the NY Times is a very large corporation and it’s worth taking a closer look.

A game that was free and accessible to everyone around the world could feasibly end up behind a paywall before too long. My guess is that it won’t, but I sure wouldn’t bet a million dollars on that guess.

I enjoyed reading this thought provoking perspective framing the purchase as an anticompetitive media organization that swoops in and buys something quickly before it can create a competitive ripple somewhere that takes business away from a money making games department.

The “crossword” as published by the NY Times has personality, but they don’t own the game. What happens in this case when a competitive wordle spins up? It would be laughable to watch anyone go after the dozens of clones.

Is it purely an audience buy? Can you convert 5-10% of users into paying game members?

All that. I’m of course still playing Wordle because it’s fun and I just absolutely love how it’s become like the Farmville of Twitter.

This Guess My Word game is difficult, I think because the dictionary is so large. It’s a fun challenge though and had a leaderboard.

I’ve also been playing dordle daily and may stick with crosswordle.

More indie word games, please.

My goodness, Ozark season 4 is fantastic. It’s nuts that this show just keeps getting better.

Chuck Grimmett has started writing weekly notes. Yay!

I liked Daniel’s post on responsive images in WordPress. I’ve long been confused by all of the markup output for srcset and sizes and haven’t done a proper deep dive myself. This is a nice resource.

I dumped some thoughts on the “tragedy of the commons” vs Elinor Ostrom today in response to a tweet. I liked that I used a note in reply to a tweet and I liked thinking through my thoughts.

Pizza night. Happy weekend! 🍕🍻

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