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Happy Friday!

We’ve had a couple weeks where the temps have hung right around 40 during the day and that has made things pretty pleasant. I need to do a better job taking advantage of walk weather.


It’s been a month since I stopped using my Spotify account to play newborn white noise 24 hours a day and my Discover Weekly playlist is still full of sleep / baby / etc… music.


I read Graham Greene‘s short story, The Destructors, for the first time last night. It was nice and short and very readable. His complete short story collection has been in the house for years and I finally picked it up!

Twenty years ago, the story played somewhat of a central role in Donnie Darko. They discussed it in class and then later a parent claims it inspired the recent vandalism at the school. I’ve seen the movie a dozen times and probably made a note to read The Destructors each time, but it took until now.

Hello, 23 year old self, you did it! 👋🏻


Last night we also watched Cop Car (2015), a “road thriller” in which “a small-town sheriff sets out to find the two kids who have taken his car on a joy ride.”

We weren’t sure if we had seen it already when we started and we decided to keep going once we realized we had. It was great, again. Kevin Bacon does some fantastic solo acting and the kids bring an excellent and sometimes terrifying tension to the whole thing.

I didn’t realize until afterward how mostly compatible the story was with The Destructors.


Kids will be kids? Uh oh.


I think I have this memory correct.

Sometime in the 2002-ish era, my friend Charles and I were at Blockbuster looking for something interesting to watch. Another guy was in the same aisle looking at the same wall. One of us picked up Donnie Darko and we stared at it a bit and maybe put it back before grabbing it again. Then the other guy also picked up Donnie Darko and ended up taking it with him.


Hours later, when the movie was finished, we went out to the front yard (I smoked) and didn’t say anything for what felt like forever before finally discussing the movie and time travel and how it all worked for what also felt like forever or at least until the sun started to come up.

I’m pretty sure we wondered if it blew that other guy’s mind too.


I’ve eaten breakfast tacos every morning this week.

I’d recommend it.


Spring is almost here! 🌱

(In 2 months)

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