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Michelle’s blurb this week is about how moms know how good cold eggs can taste. 😬

A stares at his hands quite a bit, as one does at 4 months old. Every once and a while I start singing Jewel’s Hands in my head as I watch him.

A reached out and touched Michelle’s face after a nap the other day and I immediately sang out “reach out and touch face”, which of course was very clever of me.

It’s okay that everything revolves around music.

Happy Prime went back to work on Wednesday. I don’t remember the conversation, but I’m guessing Steve and I thought ending on and coming back to a short week felt good. It did, we’ll do it again next year.

It was a nice two week reset, even if I had only been back for a week and a half from paternity leave. I almost felt more disconnected this time, but it ended up being easy to jump into a few things and have a productive Wednesday.

I spent many minutes trying to figure out a name other than “dimple effect” for this dimple effect on the snow out front.

A whole lot of snow in a front yard with a pattern of dimples on top that were not caused by falling snow clumps from nearby trees.

I’m sure it has to do with melt rates and snow density, and my guess is that once an area starts to melt, maybe because of a well placed rain drop, then it becomes easier for it to melt. I only trust this answer from Reddit so much.

Anyhow, if you know a name for it or a proper reason, let me know!

It snowed somewhere around 8 or 9 inches Wednesday night through Thursday morning.

I went out Thursday morning to shovel—ooph, it’s starting to get old—and made it through the driveway and about half of the sidewalk before getting really tired and deciding that I should start work at some point before lunch.

So I walked back up the driveway, took off my hat to cool down, and felt the rain on my head.

And that’s what the rest of the day was: rain! It’s sloppy out.

Pre-baby, Michelle and I watched movies on the weekend. We would watch at least one on both Friday and Saturday night. This adds up pretty quickly over the year and it’s fun to look back at the list of 100 movies you’ve seen.

That came to a halt on September 5 after we watched the relatively mediocre, but still fun enough, Beowulf (2017).

In the first couple months of baby, we binged Walking Dead instead. We made it through all 11-ish seasons over the course of a few weeks before he developed the ability to turn and be fascinated with moving images.

After that, we kind of poked through the first couple seasons of Fringe during evening nap, but in weird 15 to 30 minute increments that make it seem like we’re watching the same episode for a week.

Finally we decided to just start watching movies as if they were long TV episodes and not care if the viewing is split across multiple days. We watched Labyrinth (1986) (holds up; those tights!) back in November and Don’t Look Up (2021) (good enough), The Village (2004) (nicely done), and The Power of the Dog (2021) (very well done) over the last week. We’re currently 30 minutes in to The Harder They Fall (2021) and it’s fun to be back in movie mode.

I ran brew update today, which somehow led to deleting Xcode and running softwareupdate --all --install --force, which will turn into who knows what, so I definitely had time to finish this post.

Back to it! Happy New Year. ☕️

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Jonathan Desrosiers replied on 

Is that snow pattern under tree branches? It reminds me of the patterns made when branches lose their snow.

Another thing that comes to mind is maybe it had to do with what’s underneath. If there was salt or ice melt (I don’t know if that’s common to use in your area), maybe it radiated some heat in weird patterns.

    Jeremy Felt replied on 

    It's in an area of the yard that's pretty clear of trees, though there are some very tall evergreens in the area. It's _possible_ some snow blew over, but the pattern is uniform enough to make me think that it's not.

    The area underneath this is all relatively flat grass and Pullman uses gravel rather than any salt. I do think it's some kind of heat radiation thing, but in a way I can't describe. :)

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