Jeremy Felt

Main Street, Killarney over 17 years

I’ve been randomly digging through old photos the last few days and came across this one of Main Street in Killarney from November 2002.

The view NNW of Main Street in Killarney in November of 2002. The street is wider than the sidewalks and there are a variety of buildings on each side. It's cloudy and the road is damp.

It’s a familiar street in that photo, one we walked plenty on our way from the Sugan to O’Connors Pub or out to the national park over the years.

Time passes quickly and we haven’t visited since 2011. I had the realization that I could see how it had changed via Google Street View. Sure enough, it’s quite the difference!

This screenshot is of a view in October 2019.

The view NNW of Main Street in Killarney in October of 2019. The street is narrower now. There is still a variety of buildings on each side. There are fewer clouds and the road is not damp.

It’s fun seeing the progression while also missing the view via nostalgia. 🍻 to all our old friends.

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