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A weekly note

It is hot. And it’s only 94°F. In a way, a bit of practice before the onslaught.

Tomorrow is forecasted to be 100. Monday, 104. Tuesday, 108.

Checks notes…

Wednesday, 105. Thursday, 101. Friday, 101.


Some extreme heat happens here, but in relatively small doses. Extended heat in June is not common for the region, though we did have 15 days above 90 during the same period 6 years ago. It seems like some of the worst kinds of records are going to be set this week.

All of this is actually much worse to think about when you look at the drought conditions in the west, which are definitely not getting any better this week. (Link via Larry)

Central air conditioning is not generally the norm in the northwest.

Which is why I’ve done absolutely hilarious things with Reflectix, duct tape, t-shirts, foam tape, and a temperature gun to try and contain things as much as possible so that the portable air conditioner that could actually can.

The sun light in our bedroom, with Reflectix and a shade, was still measuring 115°F. Now, a cool 89-95. It should either make a difference, or we’ll have given up on the bedroom by Monday.

Pullman police issued a reminder about the city’s fireworks laws. July 3 and July 4 are effectively fair game.

It reminds me of The Purge except instead of legalizing crime, we ignore extreme drought conditions for a couple days each year to light explosives.

Okay, enough about the weather.

I’m all in on Nic Cage finding his stolen pig.

We rewatched Adaptation last night and it holds strong. Such a great time. I think we’re going to head down Charlie Kaufman road for a bit here.

Neko case has a new cover of Roky Erickson’s Be and Bring Me Home.

I enjoyed the song and it sent me to find out more about Roky Erickson, which led me to You’re Gonna Miss Me, a fun 1965 tune by The Spades, which led me to the first album from The 13th Floor Elevators, which turned out to be a great listen.

Observations: It’s funny what was considered “psychedelic” in the 60s. It’s all just rock and roll. And Roky Erickson had a sad time of things during his career. He pled insanity to avoid a ten year jail sentence for possessing a single joint!

Really digging Ocotillo, a track off of Loma‘s Don’t Shy Away. One of those nice instances where Spotify’s Discover Weekly leads me to a new band that has good tunes and a presence on Bandcamp. is a fantastic series of websites marketing an indie band in Los Angeles.

In today’s IndieWeb Popup event, I learned about sweeping your sidewalk on Saturdays in Germany, or Kehrwoche.

I also came away with a bunch of food for thought around posting private data on a personal site. I’m hoping to have another post up soon describing the related things I want to work on. Today I was happy to just sit and absorb. I think I’ll soon be in tune with the IndieWeb flow enough to actually participate. 🙂

I’ve been fortunate to spend many a hot European afternoon in June—Vienna 2016, Belgrade 2018, Berlin 2019—sitting at an outdoor cafe under the misters, talking with friends, watching the city walk by, and enjoying a nice cold beer.

We can’t travel yet, but I’m going to hit publish, head out to the deck in the shade of an umbrella, and drink a very cold raspberry radler.

Stay cool! 🍻

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