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A weekly note

Book club met in person in a park at a picnic table this week and it was excellent.

It was a slight upgrade of April, when we met in person in a park and spread out over several picnic tables and a significantly welcome contrast to the last year of book club over Zoom.

I did turn down an offer to carpool to book club and coined a new phrase in the process: Post Pandemic Proximity Disorder.

Even though we’re all fully vaccinated, and the general risk in the area is low, there’s still something about closed spaces that doesn’t feel comfortable and probably won’t for a while.

A couple years ago, Michelle and I started using power level 5 on the microwave for almost everything and we continue to be amazed at how much food we probably overcooked through the years while using the default high power setting.

If you knew that already, well done. If not, there you go.

We finished season 2 of Black Spot this week. It left off on an actually very decent cliffhanger… and there’s absolutely no news about a season 3, so that’s fantastic.

Related, not related, we watched Things Heard and Seen last night and even though it started off kind of slow, it got good in the middle before ending in the strangest puff of nothing right as you’re settling in for the blow-out finish. Oh well.

I learned this week that “swede” is another name for rutabaga.

It’s great because it’s all such a mess and borderline fascinating. “Rutabaga” is essentially Swedish for “a bunch of roots”. “Swede” is another name for it because others outside of Sweden called it “Swedish turnip”. It’s not a turnip, but it is a hybrid of cabbage and turnip. In Sweden now, it’s known as kålrot, or cabbage root, even though it’s not a cabbage. Even better, in Norway, it’s kålrabi, which gets confused with kohlrabi, a German turnip that is of the same species as cabbage, but not turnip.

Which is all to say, when the turnip, rutabaga, kohlrabi, and other fine root vegetables are all laid out together at a grocery store, of course we get them confused!

Anyhow. If you can guess why I had so much fun finding out that swede and rutabaga are synonyms, then we’ll both probably get a pretty good kick out of it.

Also, I don’t believe there are any root vegetable emojis.

npm cache clean --force
npm WARN using --force I sure hope you know what you are doing.

Gee thanks, I actually have no f’ing clue.

I’m hacking away at something in node, trying to use pieces of Gutenberg, and running into its current reliance on an actual browser window and now I’ve forked 3 packages locally and am nowhere closer to where I wanted to be, which is why this is the last note for the week because I’m leaving my computer but still publishing today.

Happy Saturday.

P.S. I do have a nice root soup recipe if you ever need one. 😂

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