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Haha, a “regular gathering”. Missed April entirely! Here we are, press publish.


I’m going to start writing these regularly again and I’m going to stop calling them “a regular gathering of thoughts and their friends”. I liked the name at first because it felt clever and now it kind of irritates me and maybe that’s what I can blame this time for not posting anything in 2 months. Here’s me, still great at naming things.

I’d really like to process things weekly, not just wishy-washy regular, so I’ll probably call the next one A weekly note andβ€”new self-imposed rule!β€”if I am late in posting, I’ll drop anything I wrote more than a week ago into some other pile of unprocessed notes.



Speaking of unprocessed notes, I’ve started a digital garden. 🌻

Speaking of notes, I’ve been trying to use mine more.

And! I revamped my home page because I couldn’t stand how I was trying to fit so much text into blocks. It’s now just paragraphs and I like it.


Speaking of gardens.

Spring is officially here is a thing I would have written a month ago, but now it’s like really officially here. I received my order of hop rhizomes a month or so ago: two Chinook and two Cascade. I waited way too long to plant them, but I finally did. And this week they’re sprouting!

If they go as out of control as I expect them to, I’ll have many, many feet of vines to manage. I should come to some kind of lattice answer by the time it’s really necessary.


I completed my official CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card last week!

The side effects settled in right as I was going to bed and I slept in mostly 20 minute increments all of Wednesday night. That sucked!

Luckily I had decided beforehand I would likely have symptoms, so I had written off Thursday and scheduled absolutely nothing. That was useful because the headache and fatigue was annoying and I couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than binge season 5 of Ballers.

Anyhow. Things mostly faded by Friday morning. I was a bit run-down over the weekend, maybe at like an 85% level or so. I’m back to normal now and it was all totally worth it.

Very stoked for May 26, when I’ll be considered “fully” vaccinated.


That said… A part of me is going to miss these CDC v-safe check-ins once my daily post-second-shot prompts stop arriving. Maybe I’ll get my chance for more with a booster this fall.


Housekeeping note: I wrote this entire post in markdown, converted it to HTML with Eleventy, copied it, then pasted it in the block editor… because I’m a bit strange.

But. It worked and the writing experience was very nice. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

One of my garden meta items is to figure out the transformation of markdown to HTML to block editor syntax so that the garden itself runs on WordPress rather than Eleventy.

Even though it’s fun to play with static site generators, it’s just so much easier to wrap my brain around self-hosted dynamic things like webmentions and comments when the data is in a queryable database.


I promised myself I would leave a note that Happy Prime will be announcing that we’re hiring on Thursday morning.

Now I’ll look silly if we don’t announce it. Self-imposed deadlines!


Have I mentioned that 2021 is going to be a big year?


We binged all three seasons of The Sinner a couple weeks ago and it was very, very good. Bill Pullman is great, everyone in it is great.


There’s a lot more in this draft document that’s been sitting here for way too long. We’ll see if some of it pops up somewhere else one day.

For now, pressing publish. Welcome back! 🍻

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