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Hey, it’s March. Let’s publish one of these before it’s over.


I have made plugins!

While sorting out some stuff with my site I happened to look at a little mu-plugin I had written to disable capital_P_dangit() so that the code in my “Publishing to WordPress with RStudio” didn’t get inappropriately capitalized.

I ended up doing way more poking around than necessary and found an instance that was more difficult to get around than others. There was already a trac ticket open, so I left a comment. It’s a good first bug if anybody wants to patch it!

I then formalized the little mu-plugin as an extremely cleverly named repository: dangit-capital-p 😎

There are a bunch of other maintained versions of this out there, don’t use mine. Do acknowledge how cleverly it’s named though…


Ok, next.

I frequently find myself copy/pasting the same code into an mu-plugin file whenever I start a project so that local HTTPS requests work, mailhog works, etc…

I finally turned that into a less cleverly named repository that I now have setup in most of my projects: must-use-local.

Why have I never done this before?

If you have other tricks you use locally, please let me know!


And then.

A new post type I was working on restricted the blocks available to use in the editor. This works just fine, but every block pattern ever registered by everyone ever continues to show upβ€”it’s growing!, even if it uses a block that is not allowed.

So, I created Unregister Broken Patterns and chimed in on an issue that’s tracking the (IMO) bug.


So that!

I could actually enjoy my new Shortnotes plugin, which I’m using to power the new notes section of my site. I barely had a chance to start using it before the Tavern picked it up, which was nice of them. I really like how Justin has been spotting new plugins and testing them out.

I have lots of ideas for Shortnotes (and at least one registered domain), and I’m looking forward to having some fun. You should definitely check it out on your site and think about using it every time you post a tweet or an insta-thing.


Okay, no more plugins.

I did submit a docs PR, a PHP PR, and a JavaScript PR to Gutenberg this week, so I’m feeling extra contributory. Triple threat!


Girl in Red’s website, World in Red, took a long time to load and made my laptop’s fan go nuts, but it was fun walking around the terrain and clicking on audio clips.


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis put out a beautiful album. I listened to it twice in a row the morning it came out and I’m listening to it now.


I’ve been using Brave as my default browser for a couple weeks now. The block editor was just so slow and chunky in Firefox whenever I tried to write anything more than a couple paragraphs. I have several different windows and profiles full of tabs open in Brave and things are cruising right along.

It seems like blocking trackers and cross-site cookies is just as high a priority for Brave as it is Firefox, so I’m feeling mostly okay bout the switch. From a pure ideological view, I wish I was still on Firefox.


Blogspot ran on Gutenburg before WordPress ran on Gutenberg.


I finished Finnegans Wakeβ€”!β€”after false starts at least once in 2015, at least once in 2017, at least once in 2019, and once in 2020. πŸ˜…

I’ll re-post here what I wrote on Goodreads under my ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review.


I did it. It’s done!

When I started, I joked that there was no way I was going to work at reading this and not give it 5 stars. So ha, here’s to you, Joyce.

The end and beginning was surprisingly pleasant and I’m happy to have spent the time.

The language play throughout was fascinating and fun and irritating and boring and funny and everything in between. I’m looking forward to reading more about the book now so that I might grasp more when I read it again.


March started off with afternoon coffees on the deck in a t-shirt three days in a row, which made it really feel like Spring is coming.

Last weekend it was gorgeous out and we moved the clocks forward. I actually went for a 3 mile walk at the WSU arboretum in a t-shirt.

And today I walked down for an outdoor beer in a very light hoodie.

Spring is only a few days away and it definitely feels like it’s here.


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