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From the mouths of those in power: silly simple axioms

One thing my brain likes to do is grumble about the misuse of language and/or ideas by people, usually by large organizations or those who are in positions of power.

It’s near the part of my brain that calls teenagers hooligans, but maybe a bit smarter? More annoying? Whatever.

Here’s my first draft of silly simple axioms that I frequently mull over.

1. We’re the most Transparent

The more loudly an organization or person in power claims to be transparent, the more likely they are to be intentionally hiding something.

The truest of transparent organizations just show their work.

2. It’s Orwellian!

The more loudly a person in power claims something is Orwellian, the more likely they have been working to rewrite the truth or oppress a people for their own gain.

We’ve always been at war with Eurasia!

3. Occam’s razor

The more quickly someone invokes Occam’s razor, the more likely they have chosen one of the least simple explanations.

They’ll probably also make sure you know what “Occam’s razor” means too…

4. I’m an Originalist

The more a person claims to be an Originalist—without also having access to time travel, the more likely they are to inject their own personal belief system into the interpretation of a law.

Note to self: try invoking “Orwellian” more, but in the context of Burmese Days or A Clergyman’s DaughterI’m an Orwellian Originalist! 🤔

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