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Thoughts for the week’s end

It’s officially autumn, fall, October. It’s darker earlier every day, but the weather has been absolutely fantastic—after a brief stint where we had to turn the boiler on. For now it takes all day to hit a high of 75 or 80 and then drops into the 50s as soon as the sun goes down.

But! Winter is coming.

Michelle saw a Junco on Friday, I saw one this morning. They appear on the Palouse in early fall every year as harbingers of colder weather. They stop showing up shortly after winter ends.

Aside: I had no idea the definition of “autumn” was so ambiguous until I tried to figure out what word to use at the beginning of all this.

A year ago today we were hanging out at Bear Lake in Utah, before which I had spent a few days in Vancouver, before which we had spent a few weeks in Sweden. I then went to Milwaukee via Chicago the next week, St. Louis for WordCamp US a couple weeks later, and Boise a couple weeks after that.

It was a whirlwind (and a blast) and looks nothing like the world we’re living in today.

I haven’t even spent a night outside of Pullman since mid-November! 🤯

I ordered 3 books from eBay this week. The experience was unfamiliar, but really nice. I added items from 3 different sellers to one cart and only had to check out once. It’s so different from the world where we sent personal checks after winning bids and crossed our fingers that we’d see something in the mail weeks later.

Of course curiosity made me do some email searching. The last time I placed an order on eBay was in 2015 when I bought a used LG phone to do some testing on Android at WSU. Before that, I ordered a print in 2011 of which I have no recollection. And the trail goes cold at the beginning of my Gmail, so uh… way back when.

I do remember purchasing a mandolin, an acoustic guitar, microphones, and a handful of guitar pedals. It’d be fun if I could find the archives for those.

“I still want WordPress to be a post editor, but it wants to be a Site editor.”

…is a recurring thought of mine.

I expect this will change in the future. Once full site editing is in place, there should be room for a really nice writing area.

The actual experience that’s being built for people piecing together elements of a web page is turning out to be really great. I’m just never going to be happy until I can select text across paragraphs. 🙈

I either learned or remembered this week that WordPress did not enforce unique option names before 2.9.

The site was a triple whammy: Multisite since pre-3.0 MU; Global terms enabled; and a database that upgrade routines had not successfully been run against.

I have started almost every paragraph in this post with “I”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

The new Smashing Pumpkins is synth-ish, which I’m really digging…until Billy sings. At the risk of shocking my 19 year old self, instrumental releases would be more interesting.

Mulatu Astatke was my favorite artist of the week. I’d definitely recommend checking out his Mulatu of Ethiopia and others.

There are so many ideas floating around in my head for what I want to do with the web. I wrote up some thoughts on comments earlier in the week, I of course have ideas on a new writing experience, and I want to start branching off parts into a commonplace book that works outside of the “I write posts and post them” box.

I’m taking a stay-cation this week, so here’s hoping I spend a few minutes diving into them!

Cheers, y’all. 🍻

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