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A COVID-19 Log 6/n

A neighborhood cat appeared on a ledge while we were were walking by tonight and meowed out to us. I stopped and gave it a pet for a second. As we started walking again I said: “oh, that’s right, cats can get COVID“.

So that’s how things are going in week 10000.

Of course I’m not really concerned about the unlikely transfer from this friendly outdoor cat—the chance that I would touch my face without washing my hands after petting a cat in normal times is already very low, but… that the thought even ran through my head is a sign of the times.

I’ve done even better this week at avoiding the trap of the live news blog. I think I even went well over 24 hours without checking the JHU charts at some point. A little bit of avoidance and a routine go a long way toward getting things done.

I had a dream early in the week or late last week where I was out somewhere and all of a sudden felt chilled in the way you do when you have a fever. The “oh shit, I’m sick” moment hit and I of course started down the path to assuming that it was COVID.

I woke up and felt fine.

Most of my other dreams have gone back to normal. I spent an extraordinary amount of time one night trying to find a longer cable for my guitar before a show and then realized I didn’t remember how to play any of the songs. Exhausting!

We still don’t know enough about food and coronavirus, but I found “Do I need to disinfect my groceries?” interesting this week.

Takeaways: probably not, though washing is good. Stay away from people. Don’t pretend you’re good at using gloves.

The Guardian has a nice roundup of what scientists know 5 months in.

Today’s Spokesman Review editorial calling for Washington to reopen its economy soon was pretty disappointing. I don’t disagree with the need or desire to loosen restrictions on what business can be open, but it’s completely unhelpful to continue to compare COVID-19 to the seasonal flu.

Like, obviously different in so many ways. That piece without those two sentences becomes a much more meaningful editorial.

Naysayers and an absolutely inept president aside, it’s amazing to stop and realize how many people across the country and the world are taking this seriously and coming together by staying apart.

I like to think naive thoughts like: maybe this is the last gasp of the last gasp of hatred and nationalism.

Anyhow, that’s me, the optimist. Still hanging in here! 🍷

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