To correct the record as there seems to be a repeated bias against WSU — on Monday the 16th extreme social distancing was enacted by the provost which only allows ‘essential’ personnel on campus. I had to get approval for two people to continue to come to campus from the Associate Dean for research in my college. Only one person is allowed per room. This person is not allowed to ride elevators with anyone or start an experiment that lasts more than a day incase a shelter in place decry is made. Over 3 weeks ago we had to develop and submit immediate total shutdown procedure checklists for all labs and submit those for approval. This info was requested by two parties to ensure nobody was missed. All faculty, staff, and graduate students had to complete a telework pledge near the start of last week pledging their work from home. Sorry I didn’t include this info in my recent post as I didn’t think I’d have to be defending the university.

Regarding the two people still working — both requested to continue working on $$Million dollar grants with go/no-go deadlines the end of this month because the feds have given us 0 guidance on those deadlines.