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An initial Cosmic Crisp apple flavor index

I have now eaten many Cosmic Crisp® apples since their release to the apple buying public at the beginning of December. My Cosmic Crisp Consumption Count (CCCC) is probably around 30 individual apples.

Almost every apple I consume goes through a handheld apple corer slicer tool (there’s really no better name for it) and I’m left with 8 perfect slices of apple and no bothersome core.

I noticed an unpleasant bitter flavor on a particularly large apple early in the month and was confused because until then every apple was perfect. I played around with each slice: tasting sections of the apple to figure out where the bitter was coming from.

It seems that as the apple gets larger, so does the general core (obviously) and that the bitter flavor comes from being too close to that core.

So with this knowledge in hand, I started paying closer attention and created the following absolutely scientific Cosmic Crisp apple flavor index.

You’re welcome.

  • Small, less than 225g: Very sweet, missing some of the trademark tartness.
  • Medium, in the neighborhood of 250g: Perfect. Sweet with a lingering tartness.
  • Large, over 300g: Bitter in the middle if you get too close to the core. Sweet on the outside.

Of course now that I’ve established this index, the Cosmic Crisp is disappearing from store shelves for the year and I’m back to a standard Honeycrisp. But at least I’m prepared!

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