Jeremy Felt

VVV turns 7

In today’s edition of my how the time flies, Varying Vagrant Vagrants, an open source Vagrant configuration focused on WordPress development, turns 7.

It’s amusing to me that I chose to celebrate the first anniversary, casually mention the second, and let the remainder of the decade go by in a flash. Where did that in-between go?!

I am grateful that the project continues, despite my general absence. My role as “project lead” over the last couple years has really been to just be there if needed, renew the domains, and pay $1.84 every month for the S3 bill.

Having Lorelei and Tom as lead developers to do the heavy lifting along with Daniele as a committer along with the many, many individual contributors across all of the repositories is so very great and has eliminated all of the mental frustration I had during those middle years with the project.

I really do have the best role. 🙂

I continue to be astounded when I hear of how people have used VVV over the years. That a project like this took off and became useful for so many people is a strange indication of how horrible working with development environments can be. Even though this one isn’t perfect, it keeps getting better.

So happy 7th anniversary to VVV. Many, many thanks to Lorelei, Tom, and Daniele. And check back here again in 5 years. 🎉

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