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Five RSS feeds I followed recently

A few weeks ago, I posted five new RSS feeds I had subscribed to. I’m making an effort to find more—something that becomes easier as I force feed reading back into my day to day workflow.

Here’s another group of five RSS feeds that I’ve followed recently.

“One small way to get our independence and agency back from exploitative platforms is to build personal websites to share on instead. Of course, it’s a tiny tiny step. But it’s a step to taking back control, and building a web that neither relies upon, nor feeds, the harms of Big Tech.”

Laura Kalbag

I subscribed to Laura Kalbag‘s feed after reading her excellent article, “It’s time to get personal” on, which I got to via a Chris Aldrich link. I then realized this was the same Laura Kalbag who wrote Accessibility for Everyone, which I enjoyed and is sitting on the shelf next to my desk.

Finding feeds like this is a good reminder that people I’m aware of do actually blog and spending time with their sites is much more engaging and inspiring than Twitter.

And then, of course, I subscribed to itself, which still has a couple weeks of articles remaining in this year’s “advent calendar for web geeks”.

“I don’t keep traffic statistics – my favorite novels don’t have tracking devices inside, do they?”

Kicks Condor, “Blogging Less in the 2020s

Sometime last week I finally subscribed to Kicks Condor after having a few posts open as tabs for a bit.

I almost feel bad for relegating the content of this site to a feed reader as the site experience is so interesting. I connected quite a bit with a recent post, “Blogging Less in the 2020s“, and my personal takeaway was along the lines of: “just blog; don’t worry about frequency; don’t worry about numbers.”

This strategy fits with my general desire to narrate work for my future self more than anyone else.

Aside: Kicks Condor also responsible for this site I’m still trying to wrap my head around but looks very cool af.

Apples, apples, apples. This is basically all I could talk about last week when the Cosmic Crisp finally hit store shelves after 22 years of development. Then Matt Haughey tweeted about Adam’s Apples and called it “the most perfect blog”. So of course I subscribed to it, because apples are good and I live in an apple state. And, if you’re interested, they have a review of the Cosmic Crisp. 🍎

And to wrap things up, I subscribed to Uses This after enjoying Andy Baio‘s interview on the site from this week. I’ve always been a sucker for those types of interviews and could probably read one every day.

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Chris Aldrich replied on 

I’m enjoying your series about new follows you're making in your reader. It’s a different means of posting about who/what you're following than Kicks’ href hunt or the way I’m maintaining my following page and follow posts (have I documented this?), but it’s certainly interesting for providing a new means of discovery on the open web.

I was excited to see the real-time notification about your post in my comments feed as I thought you might be tinkering around with Webemention as well, but it looks like you sent me an old school pingback which the Webmention plugin displays as a mention instead.

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