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Five RSS feeds I followed today

I followed several new to me feeds today and then decided—why not share? There may be no other way to rediscover the social network that is blogging.

“When the experienced don’t write, grifters step in, feign expertise, and sell it.”

Frank Chimero

Thanks to an Om post, I ran into Frank Chimero’s redesign blog. It should be an interesting experiment in writing about a process while it happens. It also provided the quote above, which I enjoyed and contrasts only a bit with my opinion that beginners should feel comfortable talking about their work.

That said—beginner does not equal grifter.

“Transparency prospers in a linked medium, for you can literally see the connections between the final draft’s claims and the ideas that informed it.”

David Weinberger

Earlier in the day, I ran into a David Weinberger quote I posted in 2014 that I found interesting. I followed the link to Joho the Blog, skimmed through the page, and decided I might find future content interesting as well. I even added his new book, Everyday Chaos, to my want-to-read list in Goodreads.

Bonus: that quote from 2014 is not entirely unrelated from the idea of grifters posing as experts.

I found AI Weirdness through a tweet that I can’t find now, but I had saved the tab to read later when I visited yesterday. This morning I decided to subscribe rather than pretend I’ll get back to the tab. I haven’t done anything with AI yet, so this may be an interesting and humorous way to become familiar.

Bonus: the title of Janelle’s TED talk, which is still on my list to watch: “The danger of AI is weirder than you think

And last, but not least, I followed both the IndieNews and This Week in the IndieWeb blogs via the main site as part of an effort to get more familiar with that community and technology.

Responses and reactions


Chris Aldrich replied on 

Jeremy, it's great to see someone else following peoples' content directly from their own websites! I was surprised (but maybe not really) to see that some of the feeds you had followed were those from the IndieWeb community! Did you happen to catch Tantek's talk at WordCamp US just before the State of the Word?

Coincidentally, I came to your post while playing some feed reading catch up post-WordCamp US and ran across a status update on Helen's site:

"Remember when we used to read each other’s individual blogs? I miss that."

I noticed one other person (you) had "liked" it and clicked myself down the rabbit hole that led me to your post. There are still apparently some interesting old-school discovery methods on the open web.

If you like following interesting sites, I often find Kicks Condor's HREFHUNT an great regular source for discovery.

I'm curious what feed reader you use for subscriptions? I wrote a short note the other day about some interesting new developments I've been seeing in the feed reader and discovery space.

And last, but not least, I followed both the IndieNews and This Week in the IndieWeb blogs via the main site as part of an effort to get more familiar with that community and technology.

If you'd like a crash course on IndieWeb, particularly as it's applied within WordPress, I'm happy to donate some time to get you up to speed on the next few steps beyond what Tantek outlined. If you'd like to follow more, I have a following page which has a large number of IndieWeb-related developers, designers, and sites including an OPML file for following many of them quickly.

In any case, welcome to the IndieWeb! I can't wait to see how your explorations there turn out; I'd love to hear about your experiences in that space. There are a lot of friendly people around to help you get started or chat if you need it.

And thanks again for tacitly sharing your list of RSS sources. I'd bookmarked Weinberger's book a short while ago and can't wait to read it. I'm looking at your other links presently.

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