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An open source WordPress multisite talk

I was watching a talk at WordCamp Boise earlier today and thought to myself that it would be a great set of slides to open source so that others could give the same or a similar talk to their local meetup group or another WordCamp.

I then wondered why more people don’t open source their talk material. 🤔

I then realized I had never open sourced my talk material. 🙃

In well timed fashion, I spent some time this week recreating the slides for the multisite talk I’m about to give because I misplaced the Keynote files and only had a PDF. I’ve given several iterations of the talk over the years and it seems like a nice candidate to open source so that others can use it as a launch pad for sharing that knowledge or creating talks of their own.

I’m considering the latest version, built in Keynote, the most prepared, though I’ll link to previous iterations of the slides so that anyone can see how they’ve progressed. I built the first set of slides in reveal.js, but kept coming back to Keynote as it always ends up being the least time consuming way for me to develop slides. I’m happy to integrate any changes that others suggest, especially as multisite and the set of solutions built around it continues to ebb, flow, and grow.

The talk content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The image of Thelonious Monk used on this page and in the slides was dedicated to the public domain by its photographer, William P. Gottlieb.

Download the slides for “Behind the Scenes of WordPress Multisite”

I’ll probably adjust this post or replace it with a page once I figure out a better way to structure this.

Talk history:

These are the videos and slides for iterations of the talk that I’ve done in the past. The videos available on are also published under the same CC BY-SA-4.0 license as the talk material. I’m not sure if the LoopConf video on YouTube has a specific license, so maybe refrain from any remixes? 🙂

Note: There should soon be an accompanying video from WordCamp Boise that I’ll add to this post once it’s available on

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