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Let’s have breakfast at WordCamp US

One of my goals for WordCamp US this year is to eat real breakfast every morning, something that I’ve maybe never actually done when at a WordCamp. 🍳

A reality is that if I try this by myself, I’ll hit the snooze for another hour before heading directly to the convention center. On the other hand, if a group of people are meeting me for breakfast, hitting the snooze would make me feel like a total ass.

So! Let’s have breakfast!

I’ve tossed out a few time slots to help gauge interest. We get in late on Wednesday night, so Thursday’s time is 9am. The other times are oriented around when WCUS gets going each day. I have a variety of breakfast places in mind, all pretty close to the venue.

In a perfect world, 3 or 4 people sign up for each slot, but we’ll see where reality takes us.

If you’re interested in breakfast, please fill out the form. I promise to never use this information to contact you other than for communicating about breakfast at WordCamp US 2019.

Oh, and breakfast is on Happy Prime!

Breakfast interest form

The breakfast interest form is now closed! It’s too close to WordCamp US and I don’t trust myself to check the form entries anymore.

If you’re still interested in breakfast, please reach out via email, Twitter, or say hi at WCUS. We’ll figure something out!

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