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Thinking through a way to write and display “tweets”

I want to post incidental thoughts, links, and photos on my website first. These may also end up posted elsewhere, but I should self-publish what I own.

I don’t want to come up with titles for everything I write, so whatever system I use should leave me feeling okay with how things are going to look and feel once they’re published—without a title.

If I have a productive day and post many things, I don’t want my feed to push 20 new “posts” to everyone’s feed reader or email.

If I exclude a post format, category, or tag from the main query, I could probably work out a way to do an automatic roundup post. This roundup post could happen every week or every time the number of “asides” reached a certain limit.

And really, a draft round-up post could always be waiting so that if I decided I wanted to ship it early or attach more content, it would be there.

What’s funny is that I could probably still use Matt’s code for asides from 2004. Also funny is how I went through this similar exercise in 2011, but likely got re-distracted by Twitter. I wonder if I’ll get distracted again.

It looks like INN has something similar already built in Link Roundups, but it uses shortcodes. I may still take a look at it and see how close it is to what I’m looking for.

It’s “roundup” in British English and “round-up” in US English, if you were wondering.

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Ross Dallaire replied on 

I like this idea. I tried for a little while doing just a quick "What I learned this week" post but usually just kept an open draft that would get added on to each day until the end of the week and published it. I like the idea of automating this.

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