I’ve never had to report for jury duty

In near 20 years of eligibility, I’ve never had to report for jury duty. The only time I’ve ever been summoned (that I know of) was by Multnomah County shortly after we moved to Pullman. I was super bummed to check the box saying I had moved.

This is all probably because of how much I appreciate the idea of serving on a jury. 12 Angry Men has long held a place in my top 5 movies and I’ve often wondered if it could be required viewing for potential jurors as an example of the battle with and importance of reasonable doubt.

I was reminded of this when I saw Dave Winer’s (self-admittedly impractical) note about only allowing those who have served on juries to vote.

Anyhow. I expect a notice any day now that I’ve said it out loud. 🙂

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