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Deactivating my Twitter account for #DeactiDay

I’m planning on being mostly offline the next few days, so this feels too easy.

But! Time for a #DeactiDay break tomorrow (and beyond) to help encourage @jack and team to do a lot better.

See y’all on our blogs and other things!

My last Tweet before deactivation

Deactivating a social media account seems like the 2018 version of a consumer protest, but with a weird twist. The product (me) decides to take their own eyeballs away from the service’s consumers (advertising) in the hopes that I don’t know what—the consumers will share our perceptions and opinions and demand change as well?

The advertising and manipulation of what I see on the service is the most irritating part, so I do sometimes wonder why I spend any time on Twitter at all.

Anyhow, I’m not sure how long I will last, but you can deactivate a Twitter account for up to 30 days before it becomes irreversible and you lose the account entirely. More than likely I’ll be back in a week. Maybe it will start to feel normal and 11 years of Tweets will become as ephemeral as they originally seemed.

In the meantime, we’re driving through pieces of Nevada, Utah, and Arizona and I’m going to have fun sharing through here, Mastodon, and Instagram.

If you’re blogging, drop your URL in the comments so I know how to follow you!

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