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Next! Starting at Happy Prime

I’ve been talking about this day for about a year, since attending WordCamp for Publishers in Denver last August. Until now it’s been a side gig, so it’s felt a little weird to actually announce it. 🙂

Back in February of 2017, Steve and I spent a few days holed up in a house in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We agreed there was a chance we were going to be on our way out at WSU at some point in the future, that we wanted to keep working together if/when that day came, and that we wanted to do good work with good people on the web.

We talked and talked and talked our way through a SWOT analysis, brainstormed company names, and even started building a product because it seemed easier than coming up with a name.

Last June we got some business, so we had to actually come up with a company name and do all the paperwork. With the hard part of naming out of the way, we’ve been contently operating as Happy Prime in the evening and weekend hours.

Fast forward another year and things happened quicker than I really expected. I gave my notice the day after WordCamp Europe and have been half-time at WSU since early July.

And as of this afternoon, I’ll have officially wrapped things up at WSU and moved to full-time employment at Happy Prime!

I’m very excited about what’s next, and I’m looking forward to tackling a variety of projects with different groups.

If you’d like to talk about the implementation and strategy of big web in higher-ed, scaling or doing other complex things with WordPress multisite, building interesting plugins, or making the web a better place through open source software—please, do reach out, we’d love to chat!

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