My moka pot recipe

I’ll use the moka pot several times and then go months before doing it again. Now that we’re in a house with a gas stove, the success rate on a repeatable recipe has gone up, but I’m sure I’ll pause again soon and go back to another method.

So that I don’t forget it in the future, here it is:

  • Grind setting of 13 on the Baratza Encore
  • 23g of coffee (Doma Chronic), gently tapped to settle once in the filter
  • Pre-boil water, then fill just below the pressure regulator on a 6 cup moka pot
  • Immediately assemble the base, filter with coffee, and top and put on the stove at just above 3
  • Watch with lid open. Once things start sputtering a bit, close lid, count a few seconds, then remove from heat.
  • If you feel wasteful, cool the pot with cold water. Otherwise, just pour it and set it aside.

That seems to be the most consistent so far. I’ve tried with a finer grind and with more coffee, but it never comes through as smooth.

I’ll update this post for myself to confirm the instructions for other coffee varieties.

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