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23 tabs I had open in my mobile browser

I want to close the open tabs in mobile, but I also want to remember a few of them. I'm also hanging out in SeaTac and want to write a longer post using Gutenberg.

Food Ireland because we ordered a mountain of Knorr tomato soup packets not too long ago and I've been meaning to browse through the site for another order.

A Google search for "Cioppino" because I ran into it somewhere and wanted to try cooking it myself.

The Wikipedia article for Ziferblat, an "international pay per minute sitting room concept" where you pay for how long you stay, not what you consume. I don't remember how this came up, but the concept apparently spread pretty well.

A Google search for "double jessie" because a coworker recommended Jessie Eisenberg's movie The Double to me as I was walking out the door one day.

A "Vintage" 1964 WSU ballcap at Ebbet's because I saw it in my Instagram timeline one day and thought about getting it.

A Google search for "jeremiad" because I had never heard the word before and it's basically my name! The definition: "A long, mournful complaint or lamentation; a list of woes."

A Q&A at 3PlayMedia with University of Washington about video accessibility, a topic that we were (and are) researching a bunch at Washington State University. We're also recommending 3PlayMedia to groups that are producing videos.

Inclusive Design 24, an online event from earlier in November that was focused on accessibility. I didn't have a chance to watch any of the sessions, but I was passing the info on to folks at WSU.

An excellent and thorough guide to the use of alt-text.

A Psychology Today article, "Choose Your Actions, Not Your Feelings". I don't remember where I ran into this, but it's interesting. There's probably some stuff to unpack about feelings which can be explored and felt without having to be acted on.

"Arrange your time and tasks according to these seven categories, and you’ll be a creativity machine"—basically explains itself in the title. I'm always a sucker for titles like that.

A GitHub repository, HEAD, containing everything that could go in the HEAD of your HTML document. We're in progress on a new web framework at WSU, so I was doing some exploration.

A Google search for "chip inside her head switch to overload" because we heard a song and didn't know what it was while watching something and it wasn't clear enough for Shazam to pick up. Turns out it was "I Don't Like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats

The schedule of upcoming WordCamps because I'm always looking for fun and well timed WordCamps.

A Google search for "gentelman broncos", which was auto-corrected to Gentleman Broncos, a movie from 2009 that someone recommended to me.

A Google search for "airport 77" because I had no idea that Airplane was based on a series of disaster movies from the 70's!

The WordPress core Trac ticket, #35658, which I lovingly refer to as The Vienna Album and which had its rehearsal sessions in London. 50 patches and a whole lot of conversation, but we shipped an improved implementation of register_meta() in WordPress 4.6. It comes up from time to time when hanging out with WordPress people. 🙂

A definition page for the Irish slang, "I will in my fuck", which I was fascinated with after reading the excellent (excellent) book Solar Bones. Another new use that I picked up was "fuck-acting".

The product page for a nice looking STAK hanging planter that we're planning on getting after Cotton Bureau linked to STAK in one of their emails.

The Amazon page for a Nuvo Lighting TP231 Pendant Track Adapter because I was trying to find the right replacement parts for some track lighting we have in the house.

The homepage for Ledger Status, because of course Brian has been working on that site and I just found out about it.

A Google search for "coffee Nashville airport" because IT DOESN'T EXIST beyond Starbucks.

"Boost your dashboard — Turbo style.", an FAQ about the "Turbo" button added to WordPress back in 2.8. What's strange is that the URL only works in mobile. Desktop redirects a completely different support domain.

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