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Snowshoeing at the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Area

Every photo gallery comes with a story, right.

I grew up on skis. Or, really, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ski about once a year in skiing places like Winter Park and Breckenridge from the time I was 3 or 4. At one point, I even got a great 1-on-1 lesson for a couple days while skiing at Jackson Hole and became good enough to feel like a confident skier, even if I was never really amazing at it.

For somewhere around 28 years, I thought that skiing was the best winter sport.

In 2011, Michelle and I had a chance to try snowshoeing for the first time while visiting my family in Colorado. We spent the day at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park and had a blast going wherever our snowshoes took us in the fresh layer of powder.

My favorite thing to do while skiing was always the small trails in the trees that took you way off of the large main trail and into these magical places. With snowshoeing, almost every trail was exactly that, just at a slower speed and in deeper powder. And even with the slower speed, it was exhilarating!

For almost 6 years we told ourselves that we were going to get snowshoes and never did. But this year was different!

On Thursday, we drove up to Spokane, walked into REI, and walked out with a couple pairs of snowshoes, raring to go.

On Friday, we drove up to the Palouse Divide Nordic Ski Area, which is only an hour drive, and had an absolute blast breaking them in for the first time. Even though we got a bit of a late start, we made it 5.3 miles before basically collapsing back at the car.

We now have snowshoes and we’re hooked, so I anticipate many more excursions before the snow disappears this winter.

And I’m now convinced that snowshoeing is the best winter sport! ❄️

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