Jeremy Felt

I’m going to watch the Matrix sequels because

I waited 17 years to watch the Matrix.

At first it was because of some long forgotten arbitrary reason involving my opinions of Keanu Reeves and the original hype of the movie. When that wore off it was kind of fun to have just not seen it.

I did see the copious gunfire in the lobby scene once in 2000 when we went to a friend of a friend’s apartment to check out fancy home surround sound for the first time. That was pretty cool.


I’ve heard from many people over the years that I should watch the first, but not the sequels.

I get that, but I’m also the person that waited 17 years to see The Matrix just because. And I’m the person that has purposely sought out things like Eraserhead, Meet the Feebles, and countless other bad decisions. I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen Manos: The Hands of Fate, the non MST3K version.

So I appreciate the advice, and everyone is probably right, but I’m definitely going to watch the sequels.


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