Jeremy Felt

Security. Stored Content. Backward Compatibility.

This was almost a storm of 140 character segments, but I help make software to democratize publishing. I should use it. 😄

The pains people working on WordPress go to in making security, stored content, and backward compatibility all first priorities are amazing.

This is what I’ve learned and been inspired by the most since I started contributing to WordPress.

If there’s a moment in the course of development in which any of these three things are at risk, the tension or pain—or whatever you want to call it—is palpable. Providing a secure place for users to publish their content without worry is why we’re here.

WordPress 4.2.3 was released this week.

A security issue was fixed. Stored content was not lost.

Backward compatibility in the display of that content was stretched, sometimes broken, when WordPress could not guarantee the resulting security of a user’s site or stored content.

It’s okay to feel offended, especially if you were burned. Know that good work was done to try and make the bandaid as easy to pull of as possible. Know that people have been working on or thinking through easing the burn every minute since.

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