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A Series of Deployment Workflows

Brian Krogsgard had a series of tweets last night centered around the difficulty in finding the “right way” to manage code for WordPress. And he’s completely right. Things have come a long way since we used FTP to blindly transfer files or edit them directly on the server. We’re expected to have these solid processes down that treat our code and servers with respect. And most of us probably live with some internal shame or fear about the way that we’re handling our stuff in production.

Well, I do.

When I read “code management”, I really hear “deployment process”. I may be hijacking Brian’s original intent a bit, but I think this is an area where our work doesn’t get shared nearly enough. Plenty of code is published in the open and we sometimes talk about it. I don’t see much of the secret, terrifying things we do to get code to the server though.

So, over the next few days I’m going to write about the various workflows that I’m currently using to get stuff into production and I’m going to list them all here as I go.

And, as Rachel Baker mentioned, code reviews help a ton in advancing our skill sets. It would be great to have the same thing for these workflows. Please share your own and don’t hold back in critiquing mine!

My Deployment Workflows:

  1. The WSUWP Platform
  3. WSU Indie Sites
  4. The WSU Spine
  5. Wrap-up

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Ulrich replied on 

This is really great! I have wondered how others have done it.

I hope to be able to share how I ended up doing it some time soon.

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