Jeremy Felt

Breakthroughs from Shared Struggles

At our 6th (!) Pullman WordPress Meetup last night, Steve Locker gave a great talk on successful freelancing. He made the point about how having a community around you was important to make progress rather than trying to do everything yourself.

One of the quotes he mentioned was from Will Novosedlik’s article, Breakthroughs Belong to No One, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose it:

It’s not the raw creativity or herculean intellect of an inspired individual that solves problems. It’s the interaction between that individual and others that leads to epiphany. Most scientific and artistic innovations or breakthroughs emerge from joint thinking, impassioned conversations, constructive conflict and shared struggles among different people.

And another—maybe less obvious, maybe not—takeaway at the bottom of the article:

Organizations that cannot breach the silo walls when necessary are ill-equipped to achieve breakthroughs of any kind whatsoever.

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